Downsizing & Decluttering

Sometimes We Become Overwhelmed and Don't Know Where to Begin

If you’re ready to move or think you might want to downsize in the not-too-distant future, take a deep breath and start planning.

It’s a much bigger task than you’ll ever imagine, partly because the process entails far more than just deciding which possessions to keep and which to toss.

Most people acquire things over a lifetime — one decade, year, month or day at a time. Through the years, possessions from clothes to decorative arts can accumulate: Flexible Flyer sleds tucked away in the basement crawl space; bridesmaid’s or flower girl dresses stored in closets; Valentines, birthday cards and other personal correspondence stashed in night table drawers.

Sometimes choosing to use a professional might be the right choice for you.  It will take away the stress and that overwhelming feeling of the task at hand.  A professional senior moving service will…start with you in mind…

Start with Planning Before Your Move

  • Plan, schedule and coordinate your move.
  • Create a plan of action and a schedule that is realistic and comfortable.
  • Create space planning for your new home.
  • Organize personal belongs into four categories – S.O.R.T. – Sell-Offer-Retain-Toss
  • Protect valuable wills, trusts and insurance.
  • Preserve your family heirlooms, photos and videos.
  • Schedule and oversee packing and moving.
  • Assist in purchasing new items/furnitutre for your new home.

During your Move

  • resolve any issues that arise.
  • Set-up your new home so that you are comfortable.
  • Ensure the correct furniture placement at your new home.
  • Organize by unpacking and placing everything in its place.
  • Remove boxes and packing supplies.
  • Make beds, hang pictures, reconnect electronics and set clocks.

After your Move

  • Assist your realtor to prepare your former residence for sale.
  • Assemble and supervise contractors.
  • Coordinate any remodeling/renovations/repairs.